Membership / Benefits for Bodyshops

Our aim is to provide an unrivalled support service that challenges the current industry offerings, uniting all areas of the repair sector for the greater good of the industry.

At AMVEA we have two core objectives...

  • To provide industry leading training that helps bodyshop staff, estimators and engineers to achieve working excellence
  • To assist bodyshops in building a robust pipeline of work

Excellence in our Industry

AMVEA's core membership services are aimed at independent bodyshops, estimators and engineers who are looking for a value for money service that offers genuine support, valuable information and principal training via a platform that is cost effective and offers real value.

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For independents, the AMVEA membership programme is made up of eight areas...

  • Compliance & Competence Passport
  • Monthly Technical/Industry Update Bulletin
  • Sales, Marketing and Promotional
  • Free Business improvement Tools
  • Training
  • Commercial Services
  • Bodyshop 'Know How'
  • Annual Conference